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The process is simple:  Like GilbertsGuns.com  on Facebook and tell us about your favorite gun.  It can be as simple as listing the make & model of your gun, or you can tell us about your favorite family heirloom.  Once you make the post, you are entered into the drawing for a FREE gun.  You must be at least 21 years of age and able to legally pass a background check to enter this drawing.  1 Winner will be selected at random at the conclusion of this contest. 

 Let us know if you have any questions about our current promotion.  You can reach us toll free at 877-937-4867.

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19 Responses to Enter To Win A Free Gun

  1. Eric Underwood says:

    I love the Saiga 12 IZ109. I have shot it many times but have never had the cash for the weapon. An 12GA in the AK47 platform, who wouldn’t want it.

  2. harry rose says:

    I inherited a Winchester model 97 12 gauge pump and a Remington 22 single shot from my Granddaddy and a Savage double barrel 12 gauge from my Papaw. I have already passed down the double barrel to my son Justin on his birthday it gave me great pleasure as it was the shotgun I killed my first rabbit with. One day my daughter will get the 22 or the 12 gauge pump whichever she wants.

  3. keith gillispie says:

    I love my M&P AR 15-22. Its affordable to shoot and lots of fun.

  4. Harton Sheffield says:

    My favorite gun would be my Springfield xd9 service. It has a o.d.green frame and tactical gray duracoat on the slide and other parts. It’s my everyday carry. 2000 rounds and no problems.

  5. harton sheffield says:

    my favorite gun is my springfield xd9 service dressed in a o.d. frame and duracoat slide.

  6. Fred mccue says:

    Colt combat elite

  7. Mr. D says:

    Purchased a S&W MP handgun and ammo from Gilberts after a local dealer could not order the gun i wanted, the model i wanted had Crimson Trace laser factory installed, the local dealer thought lasers were ” a toy ” as he put it. what the guy did not understand was that i was not buying a gun for him, it was for me. He lost a sale and more after that. It was worth the 90 min. drive to get the gun i wanted, at much better price and to deal with people who actually knew something about guns. The prices on the ammo was good and they had some ammo that was very hard to find. Thanks to everyone at Gilberts.

  8. brandon mcroberts says:

    ak47 and most of the knockoffs. like the saiga 7.62, love that gun

  9. Larry S. says:

    My favorite gun is my Smith and Wesson Model 65 with 3″ barrel, round butt, and Pachmayr Compac Pro grips with 6 rounds of Glaser +P.

  10. D. S. Dews says:

    My favorite rifle is my Springfield Armory SAR-48(FN-FAL) .308{7.62mm}. A great battle rifle. Hits anything I want out to 200 yards.

  11. Justin Baker says:

    Ruger 10/22… just ‘yer basic stick-it-to-em-when-ya-got-to rifle!

  12. dbmack says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! The XD sounds great.

  13. Kevin M. says:

    I shoot a 1911 style gun for a few reasons. My grandfather used one in WWII and Korea, and swore by it until the day he died. He loved the gun, for many reasons. He loved the feel, the action, the ease of use.

    For the most part I love the 1911 due to it’s history. Stories like Sgt. Alvin York stopping numbers of Germans, famous Texas Ranger Charlie Miller, and the story of how my grandfather receiving a Bronze Star with a V using nothing but a 1911, make the history of the 1911 indelible in my mind.

    It’s an AMERICAN gun, with AMERICAN heritage, and more military award winning lore than any other gun.

    I carry it for it’s reliability, it’s slim frame, and it’s notorious stopping power with 230 gr. FMJ’s. In my mind, nothing else comes close.

  14. jason says:

    The new Smith & Wesson 1911 pistols have been very well received on the market ~ I just wish they would send more!

  15. Murrell K says:

    Every pistol mentioned is fine, however I am like so many, very partial to the 1911. Also to the bulk ammo that Jason has. Good shooting at a good price. What is needed is easier access to FrogLube. It is the best stuff for cleaning, lubing and protecting a gun I have ever used. It is all I use now, if it were available locally and not just on the net, wow. Hint, hint.

  16. melanie mcintosh says:

    My favorite gun is my pink mother of pearl Taurus. My dad bought it for me for Christmas after we got out gun license together. Hopefully one day it will be an heirloom as it gets passed down thru the family.

  17. James McIndoe says:

    Springfield TRO, great all steel, classic 45 work of art!

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